Unpacking Sketching in Practice

We are still “unpackening“, but would like to thank all of our amazing participants for a day well sketched. I have gone through most of the social media media posts to assemble the storify below.  I was thankful to have so much great coverage of the event, and these do not even include the professional film/photography crew we had on site so the best is still yet to come! As well, we are preparing a short survey and will be collecting images that represent the shape of SIP, from your perspective. Stay tuned, we have much more to share as continue this conversation.

A final gesture from our Sketch-bot

The Sketch-bot was on site on June 24th as well but did not get a chance to get its limelight! There was a greater reason and purpose behind the Sketch-bot than was evident on this day, but I will be posting that in a future story coming soon.  For now you can enjoy the Sketch-bots on “shape of SIP” gestures as was generated by itself in collaboration with my phone.  A fully autonomous, sketching/production team. Bleep beep booop! 🙂

The shape of SIP from jason toal on Vimeo.