Faces of SKIP 2016

Happy Holidays Sketchers! Before we head off into the great unknown that is 2017, we would like to take a final look back to one of the highlights of the year for us, The Sketching in Practice symposium, (and we hear our attendees agree :))  It’s too early to make any announcements for 2017, however the SKiP team is currently in the planning stages to host another event which we eagerly anticipate announcing in the new year.

You can look forward to details and dates coming soon!

It makes us very pleased to review the energy that was generated at the 2016 event. Including the work of Françoise Thibault whose “I See You” experience was featured at SKiP. This work allowed participants to;

“…look at each other though a Plexiglas frame called the “Two-Way-Mirror” and share an intimate moment of connection where they begin to interact through line making, simultaneously tracing each other’s face onto the glass.”

Through the power of modern technology and creative force of SKiP co-director Jason Toal, the animated GIF above was created as a hommage to our amazing participants and presenters. We wish you all the very best in over this season and look forward to connecting with you again soon!

Keep sketching folks!

SKip Short Documentary!

You may have noticed a small team shooting video on the day.  I would like to thank the amazing team of Hasti Khaki, Niloufar Kousha and Aynur Kadir for putting this video together.  Check it out! Amazing!

Unpacking Sketching in Practice

We are still “unpackening“, but would like to thank all of our amazing participants for a day well sketched. I have gone through most of the social media media posts to assemble the storify below.  I was thankful to have so much great coverage of the event, and these do not even include the professional film/photography crew we had on site so the best is still yet to come! As well, we are preparing a short survey and will be collecting images that represent the shape of SIP, from your perspective. Stay tuned, we have much more to share as continue this conversation.

A final gesture from our Sketch-bot

The Sketch-bot was on site on June 24th as well but did not get a chance to get its limelight! There was a greater reason and purpose behind the Sketch-bot than was evident on this day, but I will be posting that in a future story coming soon.  For now you can enjoy the Sketch-bots on “shape of SIP” gestures as was generated by itself in collaboration with my phone.  A fully autonomous, sketching/production team. Bleep beep booop! 🙂

The shape of SIP from jason toal on Vimeo.