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Important dates

  • Feb 19 – Call for proposals opens
  • April 29 – Proposal submission deadline. Extended!
  • May 5 – Registration opens
  • June 24 – Sketching in Practice!

SKETCHING IN PRACTICE is a one-day symposium bringing together practitioners from a broad range of disciplines that think through drawing. While practice based disciplines, such as design, have long recognized the key role sketching plays in thinking of and communicating ideas, over the last few years there has been an explosion of interest in visual thinking from diverse fields, including education, anthropology, engineering, geography, literature, and the biosciences. In this experiential, full day gathering, practitioners will explore the fundamental question, what happens when we draw?  Participants can expect to learn and share ways of working, thinking, tools and techniques and will have the opportunity to work collaboratively.

This event is held in partnership with Simon Fraser University’s, Faculty of Communication Art and Technology; School of Interactive Art and TechnologyFaculty of Arts & Social Sciences; and the Teaching and Learning Center.

Contacting SiP

To receive email updates on the symposium, please fill in the mailing list form  form available below. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or have any other inquiries, these can be directed to: inquire@sketchpractice.ca

mailing list and volunteering sign-up coming soon.

SiP Symposium Directors

Susan Clements-Vivian
Susan Clements-Vivian MASc, Senior Lecturer.
Simon Fraser University
School of Interactive Arts and Technology

Jason Toal
Interaction Specialist
Simon Fraser University
Teaching and Learning Center

Symposium Chairs

Stacy Pigg
Professor of Anthropology
Simon Fraser University
Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Andrew Hawryshkewich,
Simon Fraser University
School of Interactive Arts and Technology

Chantal Gibson
Senior Lecturer
Simon Fraser University
School of Interactive Arts and Technology


Minal Chhatbar- general

Hasti Khaki – video

Niloufar Kousha – video

Aynur Kadir – video