SKiP announcement – Andrea Kantrowitz

We are extremely excited to announcement that Andrea Kantrowitz will be presenting at this years symposium!

Andrea Kantrowitz is one of the directors of the international Thinking through Drawing project, an interdisciplinary research network, which meets annually, fosters collaboration and publishes on drawing and cognition.

Find out more about this project here

“Kantrowitz’s new series of paintings is titled “Daughters of Leucippus,” and is a close and precise observation of the fibers, tissues and corpuscles of torn fruit and vegetables. In the paintings, fruit acts as a surrogate for the human body bringing all its implied seduction, destruction and regeneration. To make this substitution more explicit, the artist has borrowed the title of a Peter Paul Rubens painting, “The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus” from 1618.” 

Text quoted from Kenise Barnes Fine Art,  and

Find out more about Andrea Kantrowitz’s work by checking out,

See you on June 24th!

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