Designing for Innovation: Patrick Pennefather on Team-based Mapping

Patrick Pennefather

Google, Facebook, Apple—today’s most innovative and successful companies are renown for the unconventional workplace approaches they employ to tap into the creativity of their teams.

Patrick Pennefather
Rapid prototyping a game idea by drawing it on a sticky.

 Strategic maps are one such powerful, drawing-based, tools. Through the creation of these maps, members are not only encouraged to approach problems in new ways, but do so within very tight timelines.  

Patrick Pennefather
An example of a whiteboard rapid prototype and the manifestation of the idea in the real world.

Patrick Pennefather, a founding faculty member at the Centre for Digital Media, has facilitated strategic map-based processes with clients from a wide-range of industries. Come to his SkIP session to learn more about his practice and how to apply it to your setting.

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