Dead boys, drawings, and new discoveries: Katarina Thorsen, SkIP presenter


Katerina Thorsen Babes in the Woods

One (possibly sunny) day in the 1940s, someone took two little boys deep into Stanley Park and murdered them with a hatchet.

The Babes in the Woods case continues to be, according to Eve Lazarus, the city’s most bafflying unsolved mystery.

In her online serialized graphic novel, Artist and criminal profiling student, Katarina Thorsen, uses the power of drawing to reframe research, interviews and published accounts to weave to together a new resolution to this most troubling excerpt of Vancouver’s history.

Hear her describe first-hand why and how drawing was essential to her practice in both interpreting and representing case-related data at her SkIP session.

Check more of Thorsen’s work in her online gallery (also known as a website)

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