Taking it to the Streets: Vjeko Sager on the power of daily drawing adventures

Vjeko Sager
Vjeko SagerNever stop failing. Never stop seeing things in new ways. And never stop creating.

Those are the words that Emily Carr University lecturer and internationally celebrated artist Vjeko Sager lives by through his practice of Nomadic sketching–which sees him packing up his drawing tools, a camera, and wandering through the city on a daily basis.

“The most important aspect of sketching anywhere & everywhere is to stimulate the senses and expand the palette of perceptions. New places energize and channel creative energy that transforms the way we think. Most things are discovered by “chance”, which is nothing but an apparently insignificant impulse in the environment.”

Vjeko Sager

Sager explains that the drawing he creates are not just expressions of imagination, but of a universality that he hopes can act as an anecdote to some of society’s most troubling divisions.

“As drawing stands at the core of every art, it can turn ideas into actions. In this sense, universality comes alive via drawing and what else can better declare our presence on this planet, but a simple line which proves that we exist.”

Learn more about Nomadic sketching and it’s potential to impact the world at Sager’s SkIP session.