SKiP <3's Urban Sketching

SKiP loves and supports local sketching groups of all kinds. Whether it is some sketchy life drawing, or even more casually guided “Draw by Night” events, Vancouver has an ample selection. This coming Saturday, the Vancouver Chapter of the Urban Sketchers Group is hosting one of its regular and FREE meetups called “Art in the City“.  Come check them out!

Art in the City is an annual fine art market in the West End Community Centre. It runs for one weekend in May.

This year the event is welcoming Vancouver Urban Sketchers to the auditorium schedule of activities. Members of the public can join us, and we can offer a few tips if we’d like to get them going and encourage new participation. How might you explain what urban sketching is to a perfect stranger? Expect some friendly show-and-tell conversations.

No set goals except to have some fun!

Posted by Don McNulty at 5:51 PM Monday, January 23, 2017

Urban Sketching is tied directly to the practice of our Keynote Dr. Andrew Causey this year.

The average person reads and interprets thousands of images per day–not surprisingly doing most of it with little more than a glance. According to Dr. Andrew Causey, the cost of this massive amount of processing is that we end up missing the deep content and context of the surfaces  around us.

At the 2nd Annual 2017 Sketching In Practice Conference, Causey will share insights from his recently published book, Drawn to See: Drawing as an Ethnographic Method, on how line drawing can be used to build a more attentive, and deeper form of perception.

Also check out our call for proposals, open to May 15!