Going Wordless: stef lenk on creating visual-based narratives

Stef Lenk

Stef Lenk

Wordless graphic novels are becoming an increasingly popular genre—for good reason.

As described by stef lenk, creating narratives that rely solely on visual metaphors “can open up a story to create more universal significance to audiences.”

But how does limiting a story to images impact its interpretation? What is lost? What is gained? And what do artist-authors need to keep in mind when creating them?

Lenk is the the author of eight picture books for children and adults and her illustrations have appeared in Broken Pencil magazine and Brick Literary Journal. She completed a Master of Science from the University of Dundee Scotland and now works at the Freie University in Berlin for the PathoGraphics project, a research project examining aesthetics in comics and illness narratives.

Check out her SkIP presentation to explore what it means to tell a visual-only story and learn tips to help you make your own.