Book SFU Burnaby Accommodations – Affordable!

If you are coming from out of town, you may want to stay at SFU Burnaby accommodations.
 We have put 7 Queen rooms on hold for Sketching In Practice participants for June 23-25, 2016,  these rooms be held until June 1. All requests are on a first come, first serve basis and are subject to availability. The online form can be found at , select “Sketching in Practice” from the drop down menu.


The online form will also provide other options such as private dorm rooms, and Townhouse Quads.  Special rates will be honored for guests looking to extend their stay or arrive earlier.


The rates being offered are (per night, per room):
$95.00 plus tax – Queen suite
$120.00 plus tax – Queen Sofa suite
$37.00 plus tax – private dorm room
$155.00 plus tax – townhouse quad
Please note the symposium is at the downtown campus. There is a direct public bus between campuses. The trip takes about 30 – 45 minute depending on traffic.

SKiP announcement – Suk Kyoung Choi

I am interested in interfaces that speak to translational narratives – those which allow for emotive reinterpretation of our poetic relationship with information, as narrative is a relationship formed in the perceiver’s mind, a perceiver who is increasingly embodied in a mediated environment.

I believe in journeys, in loops of time and space, pace, memory, and in process. Mixed time and space, mixed bodies – objects (interfaces), perceptions, and memories, again.
I explore different materials, interfaces, tools and methods; from physical tangibility to immaterial data, from visibility to audibility, from sight and site, to silence.

image quoted from:

SKiP announcement – Joan CawleyCrane

Much of my work deals with change, memory, place, and questions – rarely to answer them, but rather to clarify more directions or paths in my search.

I believe in: cross-pollination, an eclectic mélange of ideas, influences and experiences that enrich my life. Paying attention. Showing up.

47D3A002-FD33-402E-816E-C80750DE4B54Louis Pasteur said (or it may have been Marie, but he gets credit in all the quotation books) “Chance favors the prepared mind.”

Plinius said “No day without a line.” An ancient Chinese proverb says “Live correctly – take risks.” These three concepts form the roots of what I do, in and out of the studio.  If I were an animal, I’d be a magpie.

The hanging postcards is the Going Postal project – I draw/paint and send postcards through the mail.  Recipients respond by writing/drawing on the card, and returning it to me. Cards swing freely, so are readable by the viewers. This is an ongoing project, and now has international participants.
The last pic is of my travel studio, in use on one of our favorite hikes.
Top pic is of The Daily Log: an Uncommon Commonplace Book.