SKip announcement – Nancy White

We are pleased to announce that Nancy White, graphic facilitator extraordinaire, will be doing a hands-on workshop at this years symposium.  There are still a few spots left!


There are many reasons visual facilitation is important. First of all we have the cognitive value. Our human brains react not just to words (spoken or written) but to images, sounds and even the kinesthetic experience we have as we interact with each other. So including the visual aspects into learning and doing things together enhances a group’s practice and results.

Second, visuals help us both in meaning making and in our working relationships with each other. I work internationally a lot and I’ve found visual facilitation does some wonderful things around the issues of power and language. Pictures, unlike words in so many cultures, are often perceived as less precise, or negotiable. When someone says “blah blah blah blah” we tend to either THINK we understand them, or if we don’t we may resist saying something at the risk of “looking stupid, ” especially in contexts of power and in hierarchies. We may not even be listening.

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Symposium is this Friday!!  Hope to see you there!!

SKip team

SKiP announcement – Françoise Thibault

“I See You”

We are pleased to announce Françoise Thibault will be hosting one of her “Two-Way-Mirror” collaborative drawing events called, “I See You” throughout the day!

Participants look at each other though a Plexiglas frame called the “Two-Way-Mirror” and share an intimate moment of connection where they begin to interact through line making, simultaneously tracing each other’s face onto the glass. Metaphorically, the glass represents the mind and the lines traced onto it, their perceptions of each other. As they draw, their lines, which attempt to capture the likeness of the person sitting across from them, also come to block them out as the glass fills with interpretive images.

My art explores questions of subjectivity and objectivity, representation and projection, seeing and knowing. I’m fascinated by the un-crossable void that separates our inner awareness of self from the outer appearances and sensations of the world. I feel like the mind-filter of subjectivity doesn’t just interpret the world, it creates the world, each co-constructing the other, self and world, vision and knowledge. Images and representations—art, loosely—seem to me to be the best tools for exploring this act of reciprocal creation. – Françoise Thibault

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SKiP announcement – Andrea Kantrowitz

We are extremely excited to announcement that Andrea Kantrowitz will be presenting at this years symposium!

Andrea Kantrowitz is one of the directors of the international Thinking through Drawing project, an interdisciplinary research network, which meets annually, fosters collaboration and publishes on drawing and cognition.

Find out more about this project here

“Kantrowitz’s new series of paintings is titled “Daughters of Leucippus,” and is a close and precise observation of the fibers, tissues and corpuscles of torn fruit and vegetables. In the paintings, fruit acts as a surrogate for the human body bringing all its implied seduction, destruction and regeneration. To make this substitution more explicit, the artist has borrowed the title of a Peter Paul Rubens painting, “The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus” from 1618.” 

Text quoted from Kenise Barnes Fine Art,  and

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See you on June 24th!