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socialmedia_headerWe are LIVE on social media folks.  I set up the Twitter and Instagram accounts today so if you like or prefer to follow us on those channels we got you covered. I had to resort to the handle “sketchapractice” for both which is ok, but not my first chocie.

Regardless you will find links to those accounts in the sidebar and like-wise, if you want to get your updates by email you can look to the right hand column to add your email to our maillist for updates.  The most important update (and as yet TBA) being the registration date which will be very limited so check your calendars asap!



Welcome Sam Bradd as a SIP symposium chair

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Sketching In Practice Welcomes Sam Bradd!

We would like to welcome Sam Bradd to the SIP organizing committee as a symposium chair. We are very excited that he has agreed to join our team. A bit about Sam…

Sam Bradd is a graphic facilitator and the principal at Drawing Change. Sam listens and draws so groups can see connections, solve problems, and lead. He’s collaborated with the World Health Organization, Google, and health researchers on three continents. Sam brings 15 years of facilitation experience and a Masters in Education to his work.

In the community, Sam is excited to be co-editing a book for visual practitioners (late 2016) about the processes that deepen our work. His side project is the new comic anthology, Drawn to Change: Graphic Histories of Working-Class Struggle (Between the Lines, May 2016) with the Graphic History Collective because how we tell histories can change the world. He lives on unceded Coast Salish territories.

Check out his work at


Vancity streets

Discover Vancouver's street art scene

‘Public art’ in Vancity has flourished forever. Take a walk down the back alleys of the Gastown entertainment district (where the Sketching in Practice symposium will be held on June 24th) and you will see all manner of graffiti, tags and street art. Taking the medium of drawing to the streets with markers, paints and whatever implements are available (or freely available) has been a mainstay of local graffiti writers and recently this rich practice has been documented in a piece from Vancitybuzz, “Exit through the alley: Discover Vancouver’s street art scene“.

A recent app developed by three Vancouverites, Curb, maps where the street art is in numerous cities. In an image gallery style, users can view pictures of street art and find their exact location on a map.

There are many opportunities to explore drawing in Vancouver year round, but we hope you join us June 24th for a celebration of sketching in practice, whether your practice is in Art, Design, Education, or something we haven’t touched on, your proposal is awaiting to be considered here.