Call for Proposals (2018)

Important dates for 2018

  • July 21 – Call for proposals opens
  • Aug 31 – Proposal submission deadline
  • TBA – Registration opens
  • Oct 05 – Sketching in Practice!

This year’s theme is — Drawing outside the lines.

We invite those creative sketchers of all stripes to submit a proposal to the third Sketching In Practice Symposium to be held on October 5th, 2018 at Centre for Digital Media located at 685 Great Northern Way in Vancouver B.C.

SKETCHING IN PRACTICE 2018 (SKiP) is a single day symposium that explores how ideas emerge through sketching. This symposium is cross-disciplinary and we invite proposals from fields such as education, dance, design, visual art, anthropology, imaginary architecture, geography, virtual reality, literature, graphic recording, documentary film making, amongst others. Preference will be given to activity based/ interactive workshops proposals where participants can expect to learn and share ways of working and thinking.

Session topics may include:

  • How sketching communicates or conveys information otherwise unobtainable or not understandable.
  • How sketching is being redefined by new technologies and how this makes us reconsider the meaning in a mark.
  • How sketching can be a facilitator of social or disciplinary discussions, or some kind of agent of change.
  • How sketching in disciplines and practices has challenged or changed the ‘standard approach’ or ‘typical knowledge generation’ in a meaningful way.
  • How sketching has crossed genre boundaries and blurred distinctions in the way information, ideas and stories are communicated.

You may submit proposals for  the following types of sessions: workshop, roundtable,  research or practice presentation.   Other formats will be considered along with a clear description.   Please note, all sessions will take place on October 5th 2018 in “the Hangar” space at  The Centre for Digital Media in downtown Vancouver BC.

You may be offered a different session type than the one you submitted. You will be given the opportunity to accept or decline this invitation. Due to space and time constraints, the most available session format will be the roundtable. Preference will be given to proposals that are interactive and/or demonstrate unique ways of engaging audiences with the presentation topic.

Presentation lengths:
Please note that all times are approximate, and as we get closer to the date we may ask you to adjust your presentation length to accommodate the symposium schedule.

  • Interactive Workshops will be  30 mins or 1 hour.
  • Research or Practice Presentations will be 30 mins
  •  Roundtable Sessions will be 10 minutes (presented multiple times over 1.5 hours)
  • Other formats may be accommodated.

Interactive Workshops should be action-oriented and allow for the audience to learn, practice or engage with material. These may include short presentations of research or ways of working, illustrations of theories, or show-and-tells for tools and practices. These workshops should include activities for attendees to participate in.

Roundtable sessions should encourage participants to engaged in small working groups that allow for sharing of materials or techniques. These sessions should facilitate dialogue aimed at providing practical strategies to deal with these areas. Several tables will be setup in The Hanger with participants switching tables every 10 minutes. You will be expected to present to 4 – 5  groups of participants back-to-back.

Research or Practice Presentation sessions should share the growing amount of research and scholarship around sketching, including emerging projects and visual literacies. These should still include some audience participation but will have a stronger focus on sharing of information over a workshop, which should be very hands on.

Presentation and Multimedia Equipment
We will provide a video projection system as well as a audio system for use by presenters at the venue. We expect presenters to provide their own laptops and audio-visual adapters specific to their devices, so please inform us if you are unable to bring your own. Conference organizers will be providing paper and basic drawing materials such as markers and pencils for each session.  If you have additional requirements, please indicate them below. We will do our best to provide them as funding allows.  SKiP will confirm if additional materials can be support at the time application is accepted.  Contact the symposium director at to discuss any special equipment or setup needs.

It is expected that at least one author of each accepted submission will attend the symposium to present their contribution and we encourage all presenters to stay for the day and participate in other sessions.  Registration is comped for all presenters to encourage everyone to stay, get involved and be apart of the community.  We also welcome those who would like to attend the symposium without presenting. Symposium registration will be available through the

Review criteria
The symposium program committee will review all submissions. Assessment criteria are available below to guide the development of your proposal. We may approach applicants to request changes to their proposals to better fit Symposium needs.

  • Clarity and coherence of submission
  • Relevance to the theme
  • Relevance to the intended audience
  • Clear indication of how the submission will engage symposium participants

Please note, proposals may be selected for early acceptance.

Proposal form

Principal Presenter

Co-Presenter (if applicable)

Session information

Supporting links
Please include links to personal website, on-line portfolio, social media site, or attach a .pdf document to provide us with a broader understanding of your practice.